Covid 19


Ensuring your safety.



I want to reassure you that I have put measures in place to keep you and all the other staff, volunteers and users of our venues safe so that you can confidently enjoy your Pilates class. I firmly believe safety needs to be a joint effort, so I ask you to please play your part in keeping everyone safe. In return I will be doing the same for you. If you, or anyone you live with is displaying symptoms I would ask you to avoid attending face to face classes and in turn I will exercise the same cautionary approach.


I will be following the CIMSPA Approved COVID safety plan to ensure the safe re-opening of indoor classes. As part of this plan I will:

1. Avert the number of infected people visiting the facilities

2. Prevent people ‘carrying’ the infection into or around the facility e.g. on hands

3. Limit the number of people within the facility – reducing the risk of transmission

4. Social distancing – to reduce the risk of viral transmission through the air

5. Reduce the risk of viral transmission from surfaces and equipment

6. Reduce the risk of transmission to vulnerable or high-risk staff and users


I'm following all government guidelines and working on best practice measures for classes. All the necessary risk assessments, policies and procedures will be in place and constantly reviewed and updated where necessary in line with government guidelines.


I would appreciate your upmost co-operation with the following safety points for your indoor Pilates class:

IMPORTANT: Please wear a suitable face covering when entering and leaving your indoor venue - this is a legal requirement. It can be removed once you start exercising. 

1. You must not enter the venue if you or someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19. 

2. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 within 7 days of your class, alert NHS Test and Trace. Alert Sarah on 07810581508 and the venue where your class was held. 

3. If you become unwell whilst at your class with symptoms of COIVD-19, you will need to be taken immediately to the designated safe area. 

4. Avoid touching your face, nose or eyes. Wash your hands and sanitize if you do. 

5. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or elbow, or into a tissue and immediately dispose of it into one of the bins provided. Wash your hands and sanitize.

6. Social distancing of 2m must always be maintained. Take turns to use confined areas such as corridors. 

7. You are encouraged to bring your own tissues and hand sanitiser. 

8. You must clean your mat before and after your class - this is especially important in carpeted rooms. 

9. Wash your clothes when you get home to reduce the risk of transmission.  

ARRIVING AT YOUR CLASS: You will be encouraged to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the start time and to avoid gathering in clusters in indoor spaces. All participants are politely reminded to adhere to social distancing at all times (unless from the same family group). 

ENTERING THE VENUE: Your venue will be fit for purpose under the current Government guidelines. There will be adequate ventilation, one way traffic systems including floor markings, hand washing and hand sanitising stations and reminders in place to adhere to social distancing. Please sanitise your hands when arriving. 

ENTERING YOUR CLASS ROOM: Please do not enter the class room until your instructor advises you - this is to ensure the room is properly set up and cleaned. 

SETTING UP YOUR MAT: Class sizes will be limited to ensure there is a 2m gap between participants. Your instructor will direct you into the room one and a time and show you where to put your mat. 

DURING THE CLASS: The class will be organised to ensure that a 2m distance is maintained between participants. Please follow your instructors directions at all times during the class. The use of clear pop-up screens will be used for additional safety. Please do not touch or move these screens. 

EQUIPMENT: No equipment will be passed from instructor to client during the class. All participants must provide their own mat and should bring their own blocks and resistance bands (optional).

LEAVING THE CLASS: You will be directed to leave the class by the instructor one at a time. Please leave the venue promptly and do not gather. If you need to leave during the class, please wear your face covering. Please sanitise your hands when leaving your class. 

NHS TEST & TRACE: Your details (name and telephone number only) may be passed to an NHS Contact Tracer if necessary. If you wish to be excluded from this, please contact

RULE OF 6: The rule of 6 applies to social gatherings and does not effect COVID-secure businesses. Participants are reminded that it is against the law to gathering socially in groups of more than 6 people before and after the class. 


If you're class is held at Hayling Island Community Centre, you should familiarise yourself with the Centre's COVID-19 Policy and Risk Assessment: