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MAT: All participants are asked to bring their own mat for hygiene reasons. For Pilates, a thick mat is preferred (around 10 mm is ideal). If you need advice on purchasing a mat please contact Sarah,

EQUIPMENT:  If you have your own pilates soft ball and resistance band please bring these to class. If you need advice on purchasing these, please speak to Sarah. 

NO CLUTTER: Please bring as few personal possessions to your class as possible (e.g. phone, keys). Where possible, please leave big coats in your car. 

WATER: Please bring a bottle of water, and remember to hydrate before and after your class.

PAR-Q: Please remember to complete the Online PAR-Q (Medical Questionnaire) before you attend your class. The link to this form will be in your booking confirmation email. If you identify any issues when completing the questionnaire, it is best to discuss these with your instructor prior to attending your class.


SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please respectful of other peoples personal space and do not attend class if you are feeling unwell.

HAND HYGIENE: Hand sanitiser will be available at your class. Please sanitise your hands before and after class. 

ARRIVE ON TIME: Aim to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your class starts.

NO SHOWS: Please contact your instructor if you're going to miss a class - otherwise they might worry about you! If you've signed up for a class, that space is being held for you and your instructor might be able to fill your space if you let them know you cannot make it.

PHONES: Pilates requires concentration, so please turn off phones to avoid any unnecessary distractions!

YOUR HEALTH: Let your instructor know about injuries or changes in your body before and during the class. Whether it's a seemingly minor worry or a more significant issue like surgery, pregnancy, neck pain or back pain your instructor will need to know to ensure your practice is safe and effective.


PAYMENTS: Payment in advance will be requested to secure your space - electronic bank payment (BACs) is preferred. All pre-payments are non-refundable. Please see 'Prices' for current rates. 

INDOOR CLASSES: Clients are encouraged to book and pay for classes in terms (4-6 weeks in duration). Terms are non refundable and non transferable. PAYG classes are subject to availability.

ONLINE CLASSES: PAYG rates will be available, but subject to space. Booking a term will secure your space each week.

OUTDOOR CLASSES: Payment terms vary, please contact Sarah for details of specific classes. 


INDOOR CLASSES: Once you have paid for and secured you space, classes are non refundable. You will be offered online on-demand classes as an alternative or subject to availability, you may be able to make-up a class at anytime within the 6 week term. 

ONLINE CLASSES: Once you have paid for and secured you space, classes are non refundable. You will be offered the chance to make-up a class at anytime within the 6 week course. 

OUTDOOR CLASSES: All group classes require cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the class start time. If you fail to give appropriate notice you will still be charged for your class. 

PRIVATE & OTHER CLASSES: All Private, Small Group or other specifically scheduled classes require cancellation 24 hours in advance of the class start time. If you fail to give appropriate notice, you will be charged the 50% of the full fee.


NO SHOES: Pilates is usually done barefoot. You can wear socks if you prefer, but consider a pair with grippy bottoms so you don't slip.

FORM-FITTING, COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: Choose comfortable gym clothes which are stretchy, but not too baggy. In Pilates, alignment is really important and your instructor needs to be able to see your body. Some Pilates exercises end with your legs in the air and other positions which could cause clothing to ride up or fall down - you might like to keep modesty in mind! It is advisable to bring a warmer layer to put on during the cool down/relaxation phase of your class.

JEWELLERY: Remove long necklaces, loose jewellery and belts.

OPT FOR UNSCENTED: Some people are sensitive to strong smells - such as perfumes - so please refrain from wearing anything too strongly scented.

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